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Encompass ARTI - Artificial Intelligence at Work for You

April 15, 2019

Encompass A RT I - Artificial Intelligence at Work for You

Today's beer distributors are facing big challenges within their warehouses. Warehouse complexities have increased over the years, labor costs are on the rise, all while the pressure to stay competitive intensifies. These challenges have spurred an increase in warehouse automation as distributors look to streamline their operations. Encompass Vision QA helps increase efficiency, accuracy and accountability, all while reducing labor costs.

What is Vision QA?

Vision QA is the quality assurance aspect of Encompass Automation; however, it can also be added to an existing conveyor to assume sortation.

Vision QA is used to make sure the right label is on the product and when a discrepancy is found, the case is recirculated back into stock. All cases are documented and attached to each invoice, so during truck return, each case image can be easily retrieved on the handheld to hold drivers accountable. From a high level, Vision QA can reduce shrinkage up to 60%, eliminate mis-picks, verify the product in single bottle pick cases, automatically verify shipping labels, and verify product to truck lanes.

Check out this video to see how United Distributors uses Vision QA to improve accuracy and accountability in their warehouse:

Introducing: ARTI - Vision QA with Patented Machine Learning Technology

ARTI is the newly upgraded image recognition engine for Vision QA, which leverages machine deep learning and the power of artificial intelligence to improve quality assurance.

ARTI was created to automate the image recognition process. Instead of an employee developing a model of each product, ARTI creates models on its own. Employees only have to take 5 photos of a product, then upload them into the system and ARTI does the rest! ARTI will continuously reference the images in this image library to accurately identify the product.

ARTI is programmed to learn from every experience it encounters. Each time a product passes through the Vision Box, ARTI gains more knowledge on the appearance of that product, which translates to a higher tolerance for fluctuation. Simply put, the Vision Box can successfully identify products even when the packaging quality is poor or contains irregular, confusing backgrounds. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to move your business forward is now easier than ever.

Want to Learn More?

If you'd like to learn more about Encompass Automation, give us a call at (970)449-8000 and ask to speak with one of our Automation Sales Executives or visit With systems starting at $400,000, implementing a conveyor system is not as expensive as it once was and you may be surprised as to how much money you could save.

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