Covering Your Assets with Asset Manager

July 9, 2018

Covering Your Assets represents three important parts of how salesmen can execute selling and tracking assets as efficient as possible.

  • Asset Manager

  • Sign Shop

  • Samples

Asset Manager, Sign Shop and Samples offer a standardized and centralized request process maximizing ease of use, and efficiency. These features are also all available on Encompass Dashboards, where users can fully customize their workflow, all in the same application. Once all together, these programs create integrated reporting, pulling together Asset placement, Sign Cost and Samples with sales data.

Time and Money

The installation process for these features is quick and easy. Salesmen don’t have to learn new programs, because they already know how to use Encompass, so they will have an easy transition.


As noted before, all these programs together create integrated reporting pulling together things like asset placement, sign cost and sales data. Beyond that, users can also

  • Evaluate current data to old data

  • See all customers and assets

  • Analyze buying trends

  • Compare similar asset distributions

  • Create ways to market your product better

With these abilities, users can make smarter decisions of what and where to place assets, maximizing effectiveness, minimizing time and money.

Asset Manager

The Asset Manager life cycle is simple to follow and use.

  • Receive

  • Put Away

  • Request

  • Pick

  • Place

  • Audit

  • Return

  • Dispose

The most important of these is Audit. When auditing your assets, users can see what assets are actually there, check condition of assets and be prepared for taking following actions. Asset Manager also provides an easier way for users to continually track assets. Before, customers would call a manager at distributor to ask if something was in stock, then that person would search for it. Now, users can store assets in warehouse in a specific location with a picture, so salesmen and deliverers can display specific assets on a device.

All in all, Encompass allows three types of easy installation processes:

  • Turn Key: Don’t worry about a thing, Encompass will take care of everything

  • Self Install with Consulting Hours: DIY, except feel free to call us when you have questions

  • Self Install: Fully DIY

Covering your Assets is an important part of having control over your asset operations, creating the most efficient way to handle your assets. Encompass is on a path forward to improve the Asset Manager, Sign Shop and Samples function specifically for the user.

Want more info from distributors themselves? Check out this video of Asset Management at United Distributors.

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