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Choosing a Partner for your New ERP Installation

October 9, 2018

Contemplating a significant technology rollout can be daunting. When deploying a new ERP, RAS or WMS, it's important to make sure the software meets your needs, but equally important is having a trustworthy partner to lead you through the installation.

An Encompass partnership is more than an extensive software platform. With Encompass, you gain access to a competent, experienced team of professionals with hundreds of successful installation projects under their belts.

What Makes the Encompass Installation Experience Unique:


Here at Encompass, we work with our customers on a first name basis to develop long-term partnerships. During your installation project, your Sales Executive will maintain contact and introduce you to your dedicated Project Manager. Along the way, you'll have a chance to meet VP's of each department (like Onboarding, Services, and Support) as well as a dedicated Release Manager that will concierge you through future software updates.

When your install training team heads back to Fort Collins, they are part of the familiar voices of Encompass Support. Our phones are answered by real people, 24/7, which means no button pushing or automated messages. At the annual Encompass User Group Meeting, you can take part in a private one-on-one session to strengthen your business using new Encompass features.


As a team, we have done more installations in the DSD space in the last 5 years than all other other RAS vendors combined. This range of experience means we've handled a wide variety of products, market strategies, team structures, reporting requirements, 3rd party integrations and more. We take pride in our 18 years of successful go-lives, spanning over 300 implementations.

Throughout those 18 years, each product manager has completed numerous successful installs. With that comes a wealth of experience deploying the Encompass platform and navigating teams through the change management process. The trainers on your project are experienced Product Support Analysts who answer questions and encourage best practices gleaned from peer distributors who use Encompass every day.

During go-live, you'll experience full system functionality. Starting on day one, we ensure the right product is loaded and delivered to the correct customer, money is collected, sales orders are in, and most importantly, you have the knowledge to repeat these processes time and time again. Never fear that you'll be limping along with paper invoices for weeks or toggling back to a legacy system.

3.Process Auditing

As you transition to our technology, our team is focused on making your job better and easier by working with you to clean up data and optimize processes. Our goal is that you start seeing the benefit of this system change right away.

Data Conversions: We've done thousands of data conversions and know how to step through validating data (invoice history, inventory valuation, accounts receivable and more) to ensure all make a smooth move to Encompass.

Data Consistency: Beyond transferring data from one system to another, our experience and tools allow us to organize data that may be located in multiple databases, spreadsheets, or formats. The data conversion shines a light in dusty corners of legacy systems. Sometimes this ranges from cleaning up product naming conventions or finding thousands of dollars in lost inventory.

Process Automation: Through our Discovery and Dry Run processes we are able to optimize processes such as bringing data from external spreadsheets and elsewhere to Encompass. We are also able to automate manual processes to help distributors achieve significant efficiencies.

Standard Operating Procedures: Customizable Standard Operating Dashboards contain handbooks, documents, and other media so teams can consistently view, follow and track processes. Onboarding new employees is a breeze, just follow the steps in your dashboard.

4.Follow Through

We do everything we can to make sure your project is seamlessly executed. This means we put qualified staff on your project, bring our experience to the table and use a proven systemic process to manage change. Just remember, we're here to help throughout the entire process no matter what happens.

All in all, your success is our success. To our current customers, we thank you for your valuable partnerships. To our future customers, we look forward to guiding you through a successful installation, providing exceptional support and building a quality, long-term partnership.

Check out the video below to see a recap of a successful install at Quality Brands!

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