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Advanced Capabilities for Spirits Producers Announced By Encompass Technologies

The advanced software capabilities that distillers can access with Encompass Production Cloud enhance their craft, position them for growth, and provide deeper analytics on how to operate more efficiently.

May 6, 2024

The average distillery has roughly ten employees collaborating to operate it efficiently, according to the American Craft Spirits Association. When a headcount exceeds ten, distilleries need to question if there’s a smarter way to reduce costs and grow their business in the modern beverage industry.

Encompass Technologies understands it's important to create operational efficiencies that promote growth and help distillers make great spirits. Most distillers go about this by manually recording distilling activities, managing barrels across multiple spreadsheets, and trying their hardest to ensure reports are accurate for compliance and actionable for their team.

Many believe their current technology works, but what they fail to realize is the full extent of time and energy current processes are taking. This results in productivity losses, reporting mistakes, and data clean-up projects that are hurting more than helping the bottom line.

Today, Encompass Technologies is launching additional, advanced capabilities for distillers suffering from the pain of unactionable metrics, legacy barrel management processes, and compliance frustrations. Distilleries, regardless of the number of employees, now have access to powerful new features with Encompass Production Cloud.

  • Simplified DRO Compliance for the TTB:  Distillers can now review and track compliance during the production process instead of after, making life easier for those who are battling the complications of legal regulations and requirements. With spirits-focused legislation quickly shifting state-by-state and across the country as a whole, distillers using Encompass have an easy way to keep up. 

  • Advanced reporting capabilities: Distillers using Encompass Production Cloud now have access to powerful and easy-to-use reporting to ensure the data management and insights dashboards they use will empower decision-makers to push business to new heights.

  • A Powerful Barrel Management Console: Distillers can now use a tool to complete common tasks related to running a barrel aging program, like buying, filling, selling barrels, and reporting on actionable metrics. DIstillers can align processes and capabilities across their teams, connect configurations and document setups, and take advantage of personalized training.

“We’re thrilled to introduce this advanced distilling functionality and further extend our support of this rapidly growing Maker segment of the beverage industry. Growth in the spirits world is putting new demands on distillers to scale their operations efficiently, and modern, cloud-based technology is critical in this journey,” Patrick Tickle, CEO of Encompass Technologies said. “From distilling to brewing, to winemaking, our goal at Encompass is to provide Makers with innovative technology that lets them focus on their consumers while we help them simplify the production processes that bring their passion to life. ”

“Encompass Production Cloud has been a great way to enhance communication across our team and supply chain,” said Yannick McCartney, Production Manager at Pursuit Distilling. “It gives us transparency and visibility into our work and makes ordering and purchasing raw materials extremely easy. Having our inventory and depletion reports on hand makes it very simple for me to order. Not to mention, Encompass makes compliance reporting easier than ever. We’re excited to continue expanding our knowledge of Encompass and its features as we set our sites on an exciting future in the industry.” 

Distillers ready to enter the modern beverage industry can visit Encompass Production Cloud Hub to learn more. 

About Encompass Technologies: From maker to market, Encompass Technologies is revolutionizing how technology supports the modern beverage industry. The Encompass Digital Platform connects thousands of global producers, warehouses, and retailers.

With Encompass, all players across the beverage supply chain are connected to form a network that allows everyone to work together to maximize sales, minimize empty shelves, and eliminate waste.

With more than 20 years of experience providing beverage management software solutions, Encompass Technologies has built a reputation for moving the industry forward and fundamentally changing how beverages are brought to market.

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