5 Ways to Enhance Brewery Production Planning

Growth is necessary to survive in today’s ultra-competitive beverage production space. It takes serious hustle, dedication, and our favorite ingredient, technology, to conquer production planning challenges, and putting more finesse into making great beer.

December 6, 2023

The modern beverage industry requires producers to gain efficiency and become smarter about how they handle production planning with the end goal of brewing better beer.

Today, scalable software is the key to moving you beyond archaic planning practices and into modern beverage production. It’s essential to find brewery production software that helps you build your growth mindset, put manual tasks in the rearview, and optimize the entire production process so you can do two simple things: make great beer and grow your business.

The trouble with traditional brewery production planning 

Brewery production planning fueled by spreadsheets, paper-based records, manual calculations, and managed on disconnected systems is no way to do business. This approach is time-consuming, prone to errors, and leads to decisions based on stale data rather than real-time insights. In an industry where precision and efficiency are essential to maintain a competitive edge, this old-school methodology leads to operational inefficiencies, overproduction, understocking, and increased costs.

It's time to get better at brewery production planning

Modern breweries are taking steps to make sure they’re not caught clinging to brewery production planning practices of the past. Instead, they’re investing in software that isn’t just a solution for the present, but an engine for growth, no matter what direction they decide to take business. Here’s how:

1. Real-time insights to track materials, ingredients, and finished products

The best planners track their raw materials and finished products. However, even the best of the best can’t keep up when constantly juggling new distractions just to keep the doors open. Brewery software enables brewers to track their raw materials, ingredients, and finished products in real time.  By reducing waste, minimizing overproduction, and automating traditionally manual tasks, brewers can optimize costs and maximize profitability.

2. Allow software to optimize equipment use and personnel scheduling

Advanced software allows brewers to create detailed production schedules, optimizing the use of equipment and personnel. With accurate scheduling, breweries can meet customer demands efficiently while minimizing downtime. The agility you create with technology helps you flex to meet changes in the market so you can deliver the right products at the right time. 

3. Implement temperature control and fermentation monitoring

Quality is a top priority for any brewer. Software can help monitor and control various aspects of the brewing process, ensuring consistent product quality. From temperature control to fermentation monitoring, software-driven quality control ensures that every batch meets the high standards that separate you from the competition.

4. Invest in demand forecasting tools

Brewery software leverages historical sales data, market trends, and other variables to provide accurate demand forecasts. This helps brewers prepare for fluctuations in customer demand, avoid overproduction, and minimize waste. Increase brand loyalty and market share with forecasting tools to improve customer satisfaction by consistently meeting consumers with the right beverages for the right occasions.

5. Automate reporting processes and compliance practices

In the heavily regulated brewing industry, keeping up with compliance standards is crucial. Software can automate reporting processes, reducing the risk of non-compliance and costly fines.

Brewers who embrace modern software solutions for brewery production planning gain a significant competitive edge. If you want to stay at the forefront of the brewing industry, the first step is to explore modernization through technology. The steps that follow will position you for growth no matter the direction you choose to take your business. 

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