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5 Reasons to Love Encompass WMS

March 4, 2019

5 Reasons to Love Encompass WMS

If you are looking for a WMS, take a look at these features. And if you are a current Encompass WMS user, now is the time to take a second look to ensure you are maximizing your use of our incredible warehouse solution.

Our Encompass WMS is next level and differentiates us from other ERP platforms. We are constantly striving to develop tools that help you streamline operations and move your business forward. As warehouse complexities increase, the need for a Warehouse Management System is imperative. Although there are many solutions on the market, Encompass stands out from the crowd with these innovative features:

1. Directed Warehousing

Remove the chore of determining where to put products - all of the labor in the warehouse can now be managed by Encompass tools.

Unsure where to put a product? - Directed Put Away will instruct pickers on which bin to place the product in.

  • Put product away directly from the truck or from staging in the receiving bin

  • Utilize a warehouse map to locate the most efficient slot for a received product

Uncertain which products to replenish? - Directed Replenishment will advise employees on what to replenish and when.

  • Replenish to capacity, DOI(days of inventory) or to fill orders

  • Create rules to replenish from multiple bin zones

  • Automate task assignments and build replenishment teams

After the product is in the picking bin - Directed Picking (aka Voice-Pick) will direct pickers as to what products to pick.

  • Use QA methods like weight and case count to ensure the pick is accurate

  • Confirm the picker is picking the correct product by scanning the product or the bin

  • Assign pick by attributes like route types, bin types or product groups

When performing inventory audits - Directed Inventory will prompt employees on what to count to meet your cycle counting goals.

  • Automatically create specific scheduled inventory count tasks

  • Use methods like time since last count, largest variance and the most active bins

  • Create plans by supplier brand

2. No Voice Enrollment

Before a new picker is able to begin working, they are typically required to develop a voice profile by spending up to 60 minutes reciting different commands and prompts. With Encompass WMS, there is no need to go through voice recognition training. We use the existing functionality of your smartphone device so you can skip that step altogether.

  • Onboard with ease

  • Get employees on the floor and working faster

3. One Tap Receiving

With one tap receiving, all of the pertinent data regarding your purchase is already in the system. Confirm purchases with ease by scanning the supplier's pallet tag and clicking 'receive' to confirm all of your purchases at once!

  • Document damange with a photo and attach it right to the purchase

  • Require code dates and/or batch codes

  • Capture temperature and memos specific to the purchase

  • Save time and steps when receiving

  • Increase safety - workers will not be distracted by trying to multitask

  • Reduce exposure to misclicks

4. Voice-Pick

Voice-guided instructions tell your pickers exactly where to go in the warehouse. With Voice-Pick you are able to reduce mis-picks and increase accuracy even with growing SKU counts.

  • Voice-Pick is available for both English and Spanish speakers

  • Customizable language strings allow for quick and easy adaption of new languages

5. Fully Integrated with Encompass RAS

With separate RAS and WMS solutions, distributors often have conflicting data that can cause inaccurate inventory counts. Combining RAS + WMS allows distributors to have one clear inventory number and adds value to their business by allowing utilization of accurate reporting.

If you are already on our RAS, adding WMS is simple!

  • Start with a site survey to determine which WMS features are right for you

  • We have an easy to follow project plan that will get you up and running quickly

If you are only looking for a WMS solution, Encompass WMS is the way to go!

  • We offer rapid development of APIs to integrate with other solutions

Encompass WMS will add efficiency and visibility to your warehouse. With these tools, you can reduce errors while increasing performance and productivity.

Watch how Advance Beverage in Bakersfield, CA uses Encompass WMS to manage SKU proliferation and complexity along with other warehouse challenges: link

If you'd like to learn more about Encompass WMS, visit our website at or give us a call at (970)449-8000

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