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3 Reasons Why Support People are Better than Robots

August 13, 2018


"Hello, this is Encompass, can I have the name of the distributor?"

These are the first words said when customers call into Encompass Support for help, and no they are not spoken by a robot.

3 Reasons why Support People are Better than Robots

  1. They are an actual person.

  2. They are not a robot.

  3. They are personable, self motivated people who relate to the
    problems occurring, and are willing to offer expert advice to keep your
    operations running smoothly.

At Encompass, customer support is handled in two ways:

  • Call in

  • Log a task

Call In

When customers call in, they get to speak to an actual person…yes, that's right, an actual person. When that actual person answers the call, they determine which team the call belongs to, delivering it to an expert individual in the respective field.

Encompass Support is broken up into product specific teams in order to provide customers with specialized solutions. Once the product team receives a call, an expert is on the case to ensure quality and timely feedback.

Log a Task

Encompass staff and customers all operate on the same cloud-based system where each can communicate freely, and work together efficiently.

Within this system, support representatives or customers can log a task, and assign it to a specific person. When a task is created and assigned, it is sent to a person on a specific team to dig into the problem, and create a solution for the customer.

Support Personnel

Support personnel are not only responsible for answering phones when customers call in, they are responsible for:

  • Finding a solution for a customer

  • Developing and creating new features within the software

  • Traveling to new customer warehouses to help install the new software and train the individuals using it

Encompass Support is full of product-specific experts because they are well rounded from creating the software, knowing how to use it, teaching how to use it, and previously holding positions in the beverage distribution industry.

Because the software is also created by the same people that are helping a customer resolve problems, they are self motivated to have what they built work as well as it can.

Another part of support's responsibilities is consulting customers on how to use the software the best. Customers not only call in to find solutions, but also to figure out how they can create more efficiency while working within the software.

On average, Encompass Support has 80% same day resolution, and 90% same calendar week resolution. Encompass also offers 24 hour emergency support, all day everyday, including holidays.

Encompass Support is top-notch and ready to take on any question or problem you have.

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