Invoice Management and Mobile Receiving Streamlined Business Offer

Shoppers can count on retailers that have the products they want when they want them

Our all-in-one software solution connects to live POS data to mitigate out of stocks, enhance distributor sales rep execution, and immediately optimize your invoice management and product receiving processes. Pour time and resources into selling more products instead of manually managing your business with pen and paper.


Invoice Management

  • Manage invoices from distributors in a comprehensive dashboard
  • Digitally reconcile invoices
  • Remove manual invoice management and product receiving processes entirely

Mobile Receiving

  • Unlock a first-of-its-kind mobile scanning and receiving app
  • Gain early access to distributor invoices and receive orders as they arrive off the truck
  • Automatically lookup corresponding invoices with a simple product scan
  • Sync invoice adjustments across handheld and desktop

Streamlined Business Offer includes Retail Insights

Harness live inventory data to accurately forecast demand and easily build orders with your distributors.

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