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The custom magnet in the image to the left (and above) is scaled for a 12" x 18" magnet.

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The custom magnet in the image above is approximately 3" x 8"

Get a custom printed, full color, personalized car or truck magnet to promote your business, support your local school group (football, soccer, cheerleaders, band, etc.) or show your patriotism.  All of our car magnets are made with the recommended .030" magnetic sheeting to withstand the wind pull at highway speeds (rated at 80 MPH).  Tell us what you would like or supply your own graphic.

Design tip 1:  For larger door magnets: keep the amount of text limited to a few lines.  We suggest: company name, 1 telephone number, web site or e-mail address and a short tag line.  People normally only have a few seconds to read a magnet and from a distance of 10 to 30 feet away.  Just like a billboard, you need to get across what you do and how to contact you while being eye catching.   Normally a person will remember 1 of the things they read (the phone, the company name or the website).  For smaller magnets for backs of cars: 1-2 lines of text is suggested.  Contact information and what you do are the two most important pieces of information which need to be conveyed.   

Design tip 2:  Keep anything that you want on the magnet (text pictures, outlines, etc) at least 1/2" away from the edges.  We cut each magnet by hand and you will loose up to 1/4" from each side.  Also corners are rounded with a 1/2" radius.

 (check our our FAQ page for more information).

Make sure you measure the area where you want to apply your magnet.  You will need a flat or gently curved metal surface so that the magnet will lay flat and no corners or edges allow air to get behind the magnet or it may blow off.  When you are ready to order, just let us know what size to make your magnet.

Turn around time on car magnets is normally 5-7 working days.  

 Please note: We do not cut custom shapes, only straight sides with rounded corners.

To order: Drop us an e-mail with the information you would like on your magnet, the size of magnet you would like, the quantity of magnets you would like and if you have a graphic, logo or photo you would like on your custom car magnet, attach that to your e-mail (NOTE: Maximum 30 minutes of design time included in your order).  Also, let us know how soon you need it and your shipping address.  Normally within one working day, we will set up a magnet on a webpage for you to view.  (if you are sending us a completed graphic, like a jpg file and we are not adding anything to it, we print as is, no need to post your file for additional approval).  We can then send you an invoice which can be paid via credit card online.

Description Approximate Imprint
1 Pair Price/ea.
Up to 24 square inches Automobile Magnet 2" X 12"
3" x 8"
4" x  6"
12.95 20.00
9.00 8.00 7.00 6.50
Up to 72 square inches Automobile Magnet 4" x 18"
6" x 12"
8" x 9"
22.95 41.00
19.50 18.50 17.50 16.50
Up to 144 square inches Automobile Magnet 10" x 14"
12" x 12"
26.50 49.00
23.50 23.00 22.50 22.50
Approximately 10" x 18" Automobile Magnet


10" x 17.75" 32.50 63.00 (31.50/ea) 30.50 28.50 26.50 26.50
Approximately 12" x 18" Automobile Magnet

2nd most popular size

11.5 x 17.75" 39.50 75.00(37.50/ea) 36.50 35.50 33.50 33.50

All magnets larger than 18" will be pieced together (top printed layer will be in more than one piece, magnet will be all one piece)

Approximately 10" x 24" Automobile Magnet 10" x 24" 55.50 105.00
50.00 49.00 47.00 41.00
Approximately 12" x 24" Automobile Magnet 11.5" x 24" 65.50 125.00
60.00 59.00 57.00 50.00
Approximately 18" x 24" Automobile Magnet 17.75" x 23.5" 85.95 168.00 (84.00) 82.50 80.00 77.00 69.00

Checkout our FAQ page for further information.

To  place an order
E-Mail custserv@encompasstech.com


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